Who we are?

What inspires us

The example of our indigenous, riverdwelling, extractivist and maroon populations who, from the “beginning of things”, always did and still do today “what has to be done” to live intelligent, healthy, happy and sustainable lives.

What we do

A little bit of everything, always with the most care. In communication: electronic media, newspapers, magazines, books, media plans, marketing plans. In projects: planning, technical projects, social projects, fundraising, management, implementation, monitoring and accountability. Especially: we provide technical consulting to organizations and governments in raising federal funds.

How we work

Our work is always motivated by deep responsibility, commitment and good cheer. Here, we practice “kindness begets kindness.” Among ourselves, companionship prevails. With our clients, we work hard to translate every one of their challenges into practical solutions according to each dream.

We work for

A firm that wants to innovate, a government that wants to get things right, a non-governmental organization that wants to change the world – that is where we are or are willing to be. To do good work in good company, just call us!